Nutritious Airy Lotion Moisturizer


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Estee lauder Lotion Moisturizer

Show your skin some love with peak performance skincare
If your skin is grumpy, dull and irritable, this collection is what you need. Ingeniously calibrated, nutrient-rich formulas feature naturally derived ingredients. Skincare that will help skin flourish and flaunt its natural vibrancy. It’s as simple as that.

Airy Lotion energizes with lightweight, delicate moisture.

Re-balances. Refreshes. Renews.

Skin looks healthier. Feels blissful. Overflows with vitality.

Proof positive.

  • Boosts moisture after one application*
  • Helps prevent redness with one application**
  • Oiliness looks reduced: -33%***
  • Pores look minimized: -29%***

92% naturally derived formula.****

Infused with our Nutri-9 Complex, which includes:

  • Sweet Kelp to help fight oiliness and minimize the appearance of pores (responsibly sourced)
  • Red Algae Ferment to soothe and reduce visible irritation (responsibly sourced)
  • Coconut Water Ferment to hydrate and nourish (our proprietary ferment)

Skin-loving, future loving. Our commitment to a more beautiful future. Recyclable carton from FSC-certified paper. Designed with packaging sustainability. Please remove pump and recycle the bottle.

EWG Verified®: Our Nutritious collection is EWG VERIFIED® by Environmental Working Group (EWG), a third-party non-profit organization. This verification means that our formulas meet some of the strictest formulation standards, transparency requirements, and we use good manufacturing processes.

Estee lauder Lotion Moisturizer

*Clinical testing on 33 women.
**After pre-treatment period; clinical testing on 29 people measured for 2.5 hours, versus untreated control.
***Clinical testing on 30 women after using product for 8 weeks.
****Per ISO Standard 16128. From plant sources, non-petroleum mineral sources, and/or water.


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